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Online Goal Mastery Home Study Course - Focused. Mindset & Goal Mastery

Online Goal Mastery
Home Study Course

Unveil the ultimate step on your manifesting journey: the #1 key to transform your life into the embodiment of your dreams!

They tell you to dream big, to believe it, and your dreams and watch as your desires effortlessly materialize. But let me set the record straight; That's a delusion we've all been sold.

The authentic path to manifesting your desires lies in embracing the precise and purposeful design of the universal laws of creation.

This is a masterful blueprint, custom-tailored for you and your aspirations.

Imagine this: If I were stripped of everything I have, I'll still manifest my goals daily, weekly, and monthly.

The secret? I possess an ironclad, step-by-step plan that perfectly aligns with the laws of creation, effortlessly attracting everything I desire.

Without this meticulously crafted roadmap, your life goals remain a mere illusion. But there's no need to settle for inconsistency, confusion or waisted time.

If you haven't yet harnessed the power of this transformative plan and don't know how to align with the creative laws of our Universe, the time for change is now.

Take action and unlock the doors to a life you've always envisioned just like thousands of people around the world. 

Goal Mastery LIVE Group Membership - Focused. Mindset & Goal Mastery

Goal Mastery LIVE
Group Membership

Unleash your full potential with our Group Membership—an exclusive community led by Derika and her esteemed "Goal Masters."

Here, you'll unearth unparalleled support, motivation, and transformative breakthroughs on your journey alongside the Goal Mastery Course. This is the perfect haven for those who thrive in a collective, elite atmosphere, where you'll never journey alone. Success is infectious, and you'll thrive amidst high-achieving, like-minded individuals, absorbing their success and determination.

As part of this high-vibe community, you'll harness the power of positive collaboration, drawing from the collective wisdom, insights, and proven strategies to supercharge your manifestations.

By joining, you'll unlock the comprehensive Goal Mastery Course, bi-monthly Group Goal Mastermind sessions, a vast library of over 150 Self Hypno audio sessions, and an abundance of success materials.

You'll also enjoy exclusive training videos and audios, including all past replays, and so much more! This level of support is finely tailored for those in pursuit of an elite community that fuels their progress.

Take the leap now and step into a realm where your aspirations and ambitions are cultivated and collectively realized.

Goal Mastery PLUS+ Group + Private Membership - Focused. Mindset & Goal Mastery

Goal Mastery PLUS+

Group + Private Membership

Ascend your journey to unprecedented heights with our GM PLUS+ membership!

This advanced tier combines all the offerings of the GM LIVE membership, PLUS an extra layer of personalized support.

A monthly private Voxer session with Derika herself. This one-on-one experience is designed to elevate your success by tapping into personalized healing and guidance specific to your Top Goal and it also provides the extra accountability you seek.

But there's more! Included is the invaluable gift of an Urgent Care Voxer message each month, ensuring that when you need immediate support, Derika is just a message away.

Elevate your journey, unlock the creative force within, and transcend the ordinary with GM LIVE+!

This tier is tailored for those who need a little extra level of support and the personalized guidance of private coaching.

Apply now and reserve your spot with a deposit. Uncover if this premium coaching experience is your catalyst for unprecedented progress. Act swiftly – these coveted spots won't last long!"

Transformation 1% Private Membership - Focused. Mindset & Goal Mastery

Transformation 1%
Private Membership

Welcome to the elite realm of 1% Transformation—an exclusive private coaching program tailored for those truly dedicated to crafting the life of their dreams at an accelerated pace. This level of commitment is designed for individuals seeking a profound transformation, those who envision having Derika not just as a coach but as their closest confidante in their journey to success.

For those who believe in the power of investing in their mindset, this exclusive offer to world-class private coaching, akin to the caliber of the top successful people in the world.

The personalized support you'll receive directly from Derika allows you to focus on multiple life goals simultaneously, ushering in a swift and decisive transformation. With limited spots available per year, each member receives personalized attention and an unwavering commitment from Derika herself.

This elite membership doesn't just stop at personal coaching—it encompasses everything in all memberships, alongside secret mindset mastery training, exclusive events, and profound 1% wisdom. You'll also receive two private 1-hour sessions with Derika per month and one Urgent Care Voxer session for moments when you need immediate support.

Elevate your life and skyrocket your success in life with the 1% Transformation.  To secure your spot in this exclusive program, take the first step by applying below and placing a deposit.

Discover if this elite private coaching level is your key to transformative growth. Hurry, spots are extremely limited – don't miss out on this opportunity!"

Feeling stuck? Dreams collecting dust? You're not alone. Life throws curveballs, and sometimes, our inner critic (we call it the "Doubt Dragon") roars louder than our aspirations.

But hey, guess what? You're a creator built to create your dreams. At FOCUSED, we're not just coaches; we're your mindset mavericks, goal-masters, and partners in unleashing what you came here to do.

Think of us as the transformation gym for your mind. We'll help you design a powerful goal plan, breakthrough limiting beliefs, forge a laser-focused mindset, and manifest the life you truly desire. (think dream love & relationships, dream wealth, dream health, dream YOU!)

This isn't some dusty old lecture hall. This is your personal empowerment playground, where self-discovery meets high energy and actionable steps meet BIG and lasting results.

Ready to silence the Doubt Dragon and claim your next level? Join us and master your mindset, manifest your goals, and become the unstoppable YOU!


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