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Find your purpose-career

Not long ago I found myself in the desperate search of a fulfilling purpose. I was going on interview after interview not sure what to do, and each time, I found myself feeling more and more defeated. I thought I'd never find "my dream job." But then, with Derika's tools I discovered the secret to manifesting and planning the perfect career! And guess what? Within weeks, It changed my life forever!


I learned an authentic happy life isn't about counting the good moments. True happiness is built on a foundation healed from the past traumas and following a personalized plan that works! I've created authentic joy for my life and a beautiful baby girl that brought my family closer together and set the foundation for a lifetime of love. Just sign up to get your guide. Don't let your dreams die!


Before reaching out to Chris and Derika I tried everything to overcome my blocks and build my confidence to manifest my dreams. Not long after, I hit my goals of improving my health, increasing my  Barber business revenue AND establishing a family owned Commercial Cleaning company! The secret that made me successful is having the right mentors and following what's in this guide! If you have life goals, stop searching for the ANSWER... You found it here! 

Chris & Derika Faamausili

Entrepenuers, Mindset Coaches

Meet a remarkable soulmate duo who have shattered scarcity and confusion and built an extraordinary life overflowing with wealth, health, happiness and adventure all while raising their five joyful children. With Chris's visionary expertise and Derika's skills to eradicate mindset blocks, they bring real-life tools and support that manifest any dream into reality with speed and ease.  
With over a decade of transforming their own and tens of thousands lives worldwide. Now, their mission is to guide people like you into manifesting your success life! They believe regardless of what you're facing, you have the power to manifest unshakable success starting today, all you need is the right guide.

"The Recipe For Manifesting Anything"

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